Introducing HEAL: Health Equity Advancement Lab

Nov 28, 2022

Dr. Jaya Aysola is proud to introduce the Health Equity Advancement Lab (HEAL)!

The purpose of HEAL is to support researchers in advancing the science of operationalizing equity and inclusion within our clinical and learning environments. Our research has focused on advancing antiracism and addressing inequities; measuring and unpackaging inclusion and its relationship with workforce retention and advancement; mitigating bias and structural racism; and addressing structural and social determinants of health, social needs, and social risk. The goal of HEAL is to advance a cadre of research scientists dedicated to advancing the field of health equity research particularly in these areas. Previously known as CHEA Labs, HEAL has 14 fellows of varying professional levels, from graduate/professional students to professors. They are all engaged in various degrees of health equity research, employing different approaches and perspectives on the field. Fellows meet monthly with Dr. Aysola to update each other on new, ongoing, and/or completed research projects. Our fellows are prolific scholars who have been featured in JAMA, NEJM, and other high impact journals.

Some of our publications can be found on the CHEA Research page.

Key Partnerships