Equity Data Dashboards and Filters

Coupled with improved collection of demographic data, we implemented the inclusion of equity data filters and the creation of equity dashboards within the health systems routine quality reporting tools. Equity, or demographic filters, add the ability for any user, at any time, to filter any measure routinely reported on by various demographic characteristics to identify trends or disparities.

In addition to expanded demographic filters, we created dashboards to show specific measures routinely filtered by race/ethnicity (ethnic origin). An Equity Dashboard allows us to see, at a glance, possible racial/ethnic disparities for further inquiry and integrates equity into quality efforts. The measures included in the dashboards are measures previously analyzed and found to have racial/ethnic disparities at one or more UPHS entity and/or are being monitored by an external agency and graded on equity (Vizient). These include:

  • Readmissions-Acute % Readmit within 30 Days (PMTG)
  • ED-1b-Median time: Admitted Patients-ED arrival to ED Departure
  • ED -2b-Median min Decision to Admit
  • ED-OP-18-B-Median Time: Discharged Patients-ED arrival to departure
  • HCAHPS Nurse Domain

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