Healthier Together Study (HTS)

We have yet to maximize what we know about social networks to improve health and health care. In a series of projects, CHEA is evaluating how health systems can leverage network science to advance equity.

Cancer disproportionally affects racial/ethnic minorities in the U.S. and necessitates the use of population-tailored strategies to mitigate this risk. The primary objective of the Healthier Together Study (HTS) is to evaluate how health care practices can design interventions that leverage network science to promote cancer prevention behaviors in high risk populations. This 5-year initiative is currently underway. Working with primary care practices serving West Philadelphia, we are better defining how primary care patients are socially connected and how those connections relates to cancer prevention knowledge and behaviors.

Incorporating feedback from iterative stakeholder testing, we developed the Healthier Together app to encourage users to set, track, and share goals that reduce their cancer risk by encouraging collaboration with family, friends, and/or other app users to support progress toward their goals. This application leverages key behavioral economic principles, and we are currently optimizing and evaluating the effects of this mobile application on increasing cancer prevention knowledge and promoting healthier behaviors.

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Principal Investigator:
  • Jaya Aysola
Research Team:
  • Jazmine Smith
  • Dan Resnick
  • Jeffrey Rewley
  • Chang Xu
  • Kaliya Greenidge
  • Emma Davies
  • Allison Bautista
Affiliated Faculty:
  • Marilyn Schapira
  • Rebecca Hubbard
  • Damon Centola
  • Kevin Volpp

Key Partnerships