Penn Medicine Human Resources Policy Analysis

HR policies present another way to drive inclusivity in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to determine if current HR policies are inclusive to all of the healthcare workforce at Penn Medicine. Our goals are to:
  1. Summarize current human resources policies across Penn Medicine
  2. Analyze submitted anonymous employee narratives from DES and summarize employee perceptions of current policies
  3. Identify areas of alignment of Penn Medicine policy with current HR best practice models through a review of expert guidelines and literature
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Project Team:
  • Dominique Alexis
  • Matthew Kearney
  • Jenna Pellegrino
  • Kristen Ukeomah
  • Rosemary Thomas
  • Jaya Aysola
Research Team:
  • Rosemary Thomas
  • Chang Xu
  • Matthew Kearney
  • Sarah Griggs
  • Alec Hilton
  • Tolu Omole
  • Mohammed Abdirisak
  • Elaine Weigelt
  • Barbara Biney
Affiliated Faculty and Collaborators:
  • Mira Mamtani
  • Sean Foster
  • Justin Clapp
  • Tiffani Johnson
  • Maryam Behta
  • Meredith Lawler
  • Laura Lombardo
  • Pat Sullivan
  • Eve Higginbotham
  • PJ Brennan

Key Partnerships