Why is a diverse workforce important?

In addition to better science and innovation, a diverse workforce is key to ensuring we deliver equal care.1Anthropology in the clinic: the problem of cultural competency and how to fix it. Diversity should not be limited to those on the front line, we need diverse leadership and diverse scientists. Historically, health care systems have been designed and led by those of a similar culture and background and this singular perspective can inadvertently benefit those of the same culture over others when they come to our health care system. This extends to the scientists generating the medical knowledge we rely on. Ensuring that we have a diverse workforce generating medical science and designing and leading our health care systems, will ensure the care we deliver and the treatments we discover will meet everyone’s needs.2The benefits of diversity.

What you can do

Understand and mitigate the role of bias in selection and evaluation of employees, trainees, and students.

Create and ensure inclusive environments to ensure retention, engagement, and advancement of all members of the organization.

Key Partnerships