A City-Wide Initiative: Food Access Support Technology (FAST)

Food Access Support Technology (FAST) was born out of the Social Needs Response Team when a social worker noted their patient’s battle with food insecurity. To address these needs, CHEA formed creative partnerships with local small catering businesses and a community-based food access organization to deliver over 2,700 boxes of food to vulnerable households, including the elderly and individuals with disabilities in the first 15 weeks. It was initially funded in part by a Penn Medicine CAREs Grant and later received a generous grant from the TD Charitable Foundation to continue the important work FAST was doing.

Over 300,000 Philadelphians are food insecure and food insecurity is associated with exacerbations of a myriad of chronic health conditions. Therefore, FAST focuses first on improving inequities in food access given its critical connection to health. FAST has provided thousands of meals to Philadelphian families in need. A successful partnership using the FAST App and Black & Mobile, a Black-owned delivery service, has bloomed over the past 2 years. FAST is deeply valuable to those impacted by its services.

To help support food deliveries to families in need please consider donating to the FAST program.

  • Ana Bonilla-Martinez
  • Jaya Aysola

Key Partnerships