Our Vision, Mission, & Approach

Our Vision

To create a culture of health equity mindfulness in our clinical learning environment by working to:

Our Vision Pyramid

Our Vision Pyramid
Culture of Equity Optimize and Invest Evaluate and Implement Evidence-based Strategies to Address gaps Build infrastructure to routinely measure equity and inclusion

Culture of Equity

Our efforts will culminate in the creation of a culture of health equity mindfulness in our clinical learning environment.

Optimize and Invest

An ongoing process of evaluation and reporting will generate knowledge and allows us to optimize strategies that show promise and build capacity to scale integrative and innovative solutions.

Evaluate and Implement Evidence-based Strategies to Address gaps

Supporting and engaging in multi-stakeholder efforts to develop, implement and evaluate innovative solutions for the inequities we identify

Build infrastructure to routinely measure equity and inclusion

Raising awareness of the system and provider contributors to variations in health care quality and health care outcomes amount Penn Medicine patient populations by creating an infrastructure to support the measurement of variations in care among different socioeconomic and demographic populations at Penn Medicine

Our Mission

To provide high quality patient/family-centered care for all,

regardless of their background or culture.

To invest in community partnerships to tackle barriers

to achieving optimal health for all communities that we serve.

To ensure our clinical and learning environments are inclusive

and promote the advancement of a diverse workforce and student body.

To develop the evidence base to inform efforts

to advance equity and inclusion.

Our Approach:

Semantics Matter

Throughout this website, you will see us define the terms we use. We must begin with the same understanding and use the same language to describe the challenges before us. Only then can we work together to develop, evaluate, and implement effective solutions.

There is no magic bullet

We realize that complex problems require engaging diverse perspectives to develop multifaceted solutions. CHEA consists of a diverse interdisciplinary team focused on developing and implementing a strategic combination of system-level, provider-level, and patient-level interventions to achieve health equity.

We aim to advance health equity at Penn Medicine with a strategic focus on five key areas:

Research and Evaluation:

Creating the evidence base for how health systems achieve equitable care and inclusive clinical, working, and learning environments.

Care Transformation:

Redefining how we deliver care to ensure it meets the needs of all patients regardless of how they define themselves.

Education and Training:

Empowering stakeholders across the enterprise and across all levels of their careers with the core concepts and skills needed to advance equity within their area of work or learning.


Creating a diverse workforce that reflects the populations we serve through a strategic focus on creating environments and policies that are inclusive and respect all cultures and backgrounds.

Community Engagement:

Engage community stakeholders to develop and implement data-driven interventions that address the community- and population-level barriers to receiving high-quality health care and achieving optimal health.

Key Partnerships