Race and Social Systems

The course is a 10 session, one semester elective course for 2nd year medical students led by Dr. Walter Palmer, a professor in the School of Social Policy, and Dr. Jaya Aysola, a professor in the School of Medicine. Six classroom sessions will emphasize the Socratic method, fostering class discussions and critical thinking in both small and large groups, and four panels in which students will actively engage with community activists and medical leaders. The course will explore the intersections between race, social systems, and health throughout the history of the United States and analyze how this history is relevant to our future careers as medical providers. We will examine in detail the criminal justice system, crime and violence, the employment system, the housing system, the education system, and the healthcare system.
Project Team:
  • Walter Palmer
  • Jaya Aysola
  • Alexandra Larsen, MSc, M’23
  • Victoria Lord, M’23
  • Rudmila Rashid, C’19, M’23

Key Partnerships